Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finding Love in All the Right Places

Finding Love in All the Right Places

With so many great categories to choose from on QuestChat, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the one(s) that’s right for you. You can choose from Love & Steady Relationships; Casual Dates & Get Togethers; Intimate Encounters; Wild Sideand Couples & Swingers. Which one of these categories best captures the date you want? Remember, you can hang-out in as many groups as you like. And, no matter what choice you make, you’ll always remain anonymous. So, it’s fun, safe and private.

Does a certain category catch your fancy? Save it as a Custom Category. By doing this, you can select the minimum and maximum age of any potential date in this group. Plus, when you choose a Custom Category,every time you log into the chat phone line and go into your Black Book, you’ll access this group. Instantly, you’ll know who’s available to chat. Plus, you’ll get the scoop on any new members who joined the group since you last dialed in.

Now that you’ve figured out which category matches your dating criteria, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of listening to the ads. Here are some tips to maximize your listening pleasure:

  • Play it Again : Think you didn’t catch the last word? Select the #1 to replay the last 10 seconds of the ad.

  • Neeext : If the ad you’re listening to just doesn’t do it for you, press #3 and skip to the next ad.

  • Get the 411 : Someone’s ad sound like music to your ears? Find out more about them (e.g. like the last time they were online) by selecting this option after you hear the ad.

  • Your New BFF : Think you might want to hook-up with a certain date for a chat? Add them to your friend’s list. That way, it’s oh-so-easy to find them again.

You’ve worked up the courage to find and listen to the right ads. So, what next? Yeah, it’s time to make your move. Get their attention with a flirty wink phrase. Or, gulp, record a greeting that will knock them for six. Relax, it’s easy!

Need a tip or two for calming your jittery do-I-really-have-to-record-a-message nerves? Next-up: surefire tips to help you make the right first impression.