Thursday, July 24, 2008

Connect with Live 1-on-1 Chat

Connect with Live 1-on-1 Chat

Want to get in on the action of a 1-on-1 live chat phone chat? Really, it’s high-time you discovered what you’ve been missing. First let’s ease your mind about a few key details. Throughout the chat, you’ll remain anonymous. The 1-on-1 chat is your chance to participate in a safe, private forum where you remain, at all times, in complete control of the situation.

The best part is you can instantly interact with other members who are hanging out in the chat room. Here’s how it works… When you enter the live chat, you’ll be asked to record a greeting. Keep it simple, keep it short. Make sure to let the other folks in the room know a thing or two about you. Now that you’re in the chat room, you can listen to greetings from other members.

Really, it’s the quickest way to make a connection. Not only do you have the chance to listen to other folks’ greetings, but you can instantly respond to their message. Now, if you’re just not into someone in the room, no worries! Just skip past their message. But it you do hear someone or something you like, work up the courage, send them a message. And if you’re really hitting it off, you can even hook-up for a private 1-on-1 rendezvous.

It all feels so natural. It’s just like being on the phone with a friend. Except now it’s you, the phone and few other people hanging out. Remember, your privacy is always protected. You never have to worry about your phone number being revealed. You make the call on whether you want to accept or decline any messages. Someone really getting under your skin? Block them from sending future messages to you.

Need to check out an email? Pick up another call? Yep, you can do that too. You can put a live QuestChat on hold for up to five minutes without disconnecting from the live 1-on-1 chat. Don’t worry about missing any of the action either. Any messages you receive, while away on your five minute hiatus, will be waiting for you.

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