Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Text Alerts Keep You in Touch

Text Alerts Keep You in Touch
Now that you’re all set-up on the chat phone lines, you may be wondering how to keep yourself in the dating loop. What if you’re planning to tune out while you’re away for the next few days? Let’s face it, as much as we’d all love to hook-up for a chat, sometimes life just gets in the way. Does that mean you have to miss out on a potential date?

Not with QuestChat text alerts. As long as you have your cell phone with you, you’ll always be in the know. Even when you’re not hanging out with your chat friends. You’ll never miss the opportunity to meet your Mr. or Ms. Right, because even when you’re not on the chat phone line , you’ll get a text alert.

And it’s so simple to use. Best of all, it’s FREE. Here’s how it works… As soon as a new message appears in your QuestChat mailbox, it will be sent to your text enabled cell phone. All you need to do is make sure you’re cell phone is set-up to receive text messages.

It’s a fun, safe and convenient way to always be in the know. Really, how would you feel if that amazing person just signed up for your Custom Category and you missed them? Imagine if your new best friend (with potential to be at least a friend with benefits…) wanted to chat and you weren’t there? With text alerts, you’ll stay connected 24/7.

Want to get this service working for you? Call QuestChat from your cell phone. Select option 6…and voila…you’re all set-up to receive text alerts. Remember, this is a FREE feature with this chat phone line service. But your cell phone service provider may charge a fee for these text messages. Happy texting!

Feeling a bit spoiled for choice by all the tempting members on QuestChat? Next-up: tips to help you effectively choose the ads that suit your dating style!