Monday, June 2, 2008

The Best Way to Find Your Next Date

Quest Nation: The Best Way to Find Your Next Date

2 June 2008

These days with so many different ways to meet your next date—from online dating to chat phone lines and even social networking—it can be tough to choose the medium that best suits you. Really, it’s a totally personal call. But there are some distinct advantages to meeting your next date by phone.

If you’re shy, or maybe just incredibly busy, or heck, even on a budget, hanging out in a bar may not be your best bet to find your next date. Let’s face it, it’s much easier after a tough day at work, to come home and hook-up with someone new from the comfort of your own place.

Still, that doesn’t rule out online dating. Again, it’s a totally viable option. Lots of people have successfully met their match online. But it may be hard to motivate yourself to get back into computer-mode from home especially if you just did the happy dance shutting down your computer at work.

Then again, maybe you’re just after an immediate connection that somehow feels more personal and authentic. There’s nothing quite like listening to the sound of someone else’s voice. You can learn a lot from their tone, the words they use, and even discover hints about their general attitude. All things that make it that much easier to choose your next date.

Without a doubt, that one-on-one voice connection is probably the biggest advantage to chat phone lines over online dating and social networks. That, plus the fact it’s entirely private allowing you to meet as many people as you like without revealing your identity. When you sign-up for a service like Quest Chat, you can easily and conveniently meet people in your own area. And it’s free to set-up your own profile, hang-out in audio chat rooms and listen to other people’s voice recordings and their personal profiles.

Not to mention, it’s almost like having a matchmaker; chat phone lines automatically filter daters you might be interested into groups like Love & Steady Relationships, Casual Dates & Get Togethers, Intimate Encounters, and other groups. It’s totally convenient and completely tailored to you.

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