Monday, June 9, 2008

Creating Your Virtual Blackbook

Quest Nation: Creating Your Virtual Blackbook

9 June 2008

Everyone needs a simple, yet functional, way to contact their friends n’ family. In your everyday life that could mean an email contact list or even a physical address book. Well, good news, some chat phone line services offer their very own customized address book.

After you’ve set-up your mail box, recorded your voice greeting and begun exploring the various membership areas, you’ll probably want to personalize your space. At Quest Chat , your Black Book helps you do all of these things and more. Think of it as your one-stop matchmaking tool! It helps you keep track of any member(s) that catches your fancy.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the features of the Quest Chat Black Book

  • Custom Category : Imagine you’re totally into the Casual Dates & Get Togethers group. Without a Black Book, every time you call into the chat phone line, you have to select this group and the preferred age range for daters within it. But when you select this group as a custom category , you can skip several steps, jumping right into your favourite ads. Best of all, every time you go into your Black Book, you’ll get the scoop on any new ads that have been recorded since you last dialed in.
  • Winks : Think you can’t flirt on the phone? Think again! Your Black Book gives you the option of sending winks …delectable flirty phrases to other members. It’s one of the best (and easiest) ways to express interest and break the ice. Find out if anyone has winked at you by selecting #2 in your Black Book. Heard a wink that caught your attention? Simply press #2 to respond. Heck, you can even learn more about your particular admirer when you select the #5. Or get the ball rolling, by selecting the #6, and send your own wink.
  • Friend’s List : You have the option of creating a friend’s list in your Black Book. These are the folks you’re most interested in getting to know. After you’ve heard a recording you’re interested in, follow the prompts to include that person in your Black Book. The next time you get into the chat phone lines , go into your Black Book, and select #3. Instantly, you’ll discover which of your friends are currently on the system.
  • Private Notes : Chances are you’ll probably want to take a note or two on a potential date. With your Black Book, it’s as easy as selecting the #7 after you’ve heard a specific member’s ad. Remember, these private notes are for your ears only. They will not be shared with other members.
Want to make sure you’re always in the dating loop? Next-up: how text alerts keep you in the game…on or off the phone.

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