Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taking the Plunge into Phone Chat

Taking the Plunge into Phone Chat

Now that you know chat phone lines are right for you, what next? First things first, you’ll need to set-up your voice mail box. It’s as simple as getting a mail box number and password. Oh, and forget waiting, it’s instant. You’ll have both within seconds of picking up the phone.

Next, you’ll want to record your voice greeting. Before you get a bad case of stage fright, take a deep breath. You’ll have as many “takes” as you like to get it right. Plus, everything is totally anonymous and private. Does the mere thought of recording a voice greeting send shivers up your spine? Relax, make it easy on yourself: create a short script.

On Quest Chat, you can actually select an option that gives you 30 seconds to write out your script or greeting. Need more time? Just select the option again. Now, onto the greeting…

Believe it or not, smiling while you talk can make all the difference. Who knew? Speaking loudly and clearly is oh so important too. And consider standing up when you record the greeting. People who choose to stand, when recording a greeting, convey a more confident tone to their listener.

Yes, word to the mumblers and low-talkers in the audience, both can be a big phone chat turn-off. Likewise, background noise is also a big no-no. Now that you’re getting into the swing of things, share a couple of details about yourself. But nothing too personal. Simple facts like the colour of your hair, your height and a couple of infinitely charming details about your personality should do.

Most important? Relax, breathe and be yourself. Then listen to your ad. Once you’ve got a final cut, you’re ready for the next step…choosing the right phone chat group for you.

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