Thursday, June 5, 2008

Play Matchmaker with Your Membership Group

Quest Nation: Play Matchmaker with Your Membership Group

5 June 2008

You’re feeling comfortable with chat phone lines and are ready to make the next move into dating. Now, it’s time to think about who and what you want in a date.

Are you seeking a long-term, lasting relationship? Maybe you’re fresh to the dating scene, after a hiatus, and want something more casual and fun. Perhaps you’re feeling a little more sexually adventurous, like our fave Sex in the City femme fatale Samantha, and want to indulge a particular itch.

Whatever you’re after, prepare to be spoiled for choice at Quest Chat. Once you figure out who you want, browse through one or more of the following categories: Love & Steady Relationships; Casual Dates & Get Togethers; Intimate Encounters; The Wild Side and/or Couples & Swingers.

Just select the group you prefer and then follow the simple phone prompts. The easy-to-use chat phone line helps you narrow down whether you want local dates; choose a specific area or gives you the chance to cast your net more widely to include all calling areas offered by the service.

Next, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Choose the age range for your potential date…or not. You can skip this step and instead take the spontaneous route exploring all ads in your chosen membership group. Spice is definitely the variety of life. Remember, you can join one or all of the different groups.

Ready to check out some ads? It’s so simple! Just select the ad you want to listen to, and if a particular recording catches your fancy on Quest Chat, enjoy every last word of it by selecting the #1 to rewind the ad by 10 seconds. Get even more deets about a specific ad by selecting the #5 after you’ve listed to it. You’ll hear what city your potential date lives in; when they were last on the system and the age group they fall into.

Want to express your interest in a particular ad? Let the flirting begin! Select #6 to send a wink (more on this later…). And of course, if you’re really feeling the connection, select #2 to send your potential match a message. Next up: You’ll make many friends on the chat phone line which is precisely why you need your very own virtual Black Book.

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Toronto, ON (416) 724-4444
Mississauga, ON (416) 724-4444
Hamilton, ON (905) 667-5555
Ottawa, ON (613) 232-4444
Calgary. AB (403) 770-0900
Edmonton. AB (780) 669-2323
Vancouver, BC (604) 629-9100
Winnipeg, MB (204) 480-1818

Regina, SK (306) 569-8822
Saskatoon, SK (306) 343-8899
London, ON (519) 439-4444
Kitchener, ON (519) 651-2929
St. Catharines, ON (905) 228-5000
Sudbury, ON (705) 671-6000
Waterloo, ON (519) 651-2929
Windsor, ON (519) 561-1000