Monday, June 16, 2008

Chat line and Online Dating Criteria

Ethnicity and Dating

As much as people, and many dating sites and social networking companies, like to think that collectively, we are mature, hip, sophisticated adults living in a post-modern society where race, ethnicity, religion, and skin color are really not THAT important when it comes to meeting new people, making friends, dating, romance, sex, marriage, and socializing in general. Yet, when it comes to dating over the phone or a Web site there are so many criteria when we create our personal profiles or to funnel our searches and personal choices for meeting that special someone.

Especially when relationship types lead to dating, sex, personal relationships, and/or marriage, the choices appear to be framed upon, for lack of a better term, "if then" rules. For example, some Caucasians might have a rule "If I'm white guy, then I want to hookup with a white girl", or "If I'm an Indian girl, then I want to meet an Indian guy".

If religion is an determining factor in dating, sex, romance and/or marriage then it might look be "If I'm a Muslim, then I should marry a Muslim" or "If I'm a Jew, then I should marry a Jew". Ethnicity and nationality are very common criteria too, e.g. "If I'm Russian, then I want to date other Russians", "If I'm Italian, then I was to date/have sex/marry an Italian", and so forth. Sometimes these rules may exist on a non-physical level.

For example, some people might think, believe, and/or feel that a stronger comparability and personality match is better based on everything from profession/training, e.g. "If I'm an engineer then I want to date another engineer", "If I'm a musician then I want to marry another musician", to star signs, "If I'm a Leo, then I want to marry a Leo", and so forth. We certainly have these rules with age range and sexuality, but the number of "if then" rules seem limitless, so keep counting!

But whether these silly "if then" rules hold water or not, it is difficult to deny they exist and the power they exert over choices when it comes to meeting new people for romance, dating, sex, and marriage. They appear to be part, small or large, of our identity. Are these "if then" rules explicitly or implicitly learned from our environment, schooling, from our parents, culture, and traditions? Who is to say, but what many chat lines and web online dating firms do is recognize the importance of choice when it comes to finding and meeting new people for dating, romance, sex, relationships, and/or marriage.

Quest is no different. When you call Quest chat line you can choose the minimum age and maximum age of female profiles, male profiles, and couple profiles in your local area that may interest you. For example, you can listen to females interested in dating in Toronto who are of 19 - 24 years old, female profiles in interested in love and relationships in New York City who are 22 - 29 years old, males in interested in intimate encounters in Los Angeles who are 24 - 32 years old, married females interested in discrete encounters in Houston who are 23 - 42 years old, males interested in love and relationships in Miami who are 33 - 44 years old, single women interested in fantasies and fetishes in Vancouver who are 35 - 45 years old, males in a relationship interested in discrete erotic encounters in Detroit who are 29 - 39 years old, swingers interested in fantasies in Manhattan who are 34 - 44 years old, and so on.

If you're a Latina Women, Latino Men you might check out Axxess Latino for Spanish/Hispanic women and men. If you African-American, you might slide into MetroVibe Chat line for Black Women, Black Men. If you're a gay man or bisexual/bicurious you might check out Hardline Chat. So whether your criteria is based on ethnicity, sexuality, age, and of course geography, you can find on these sites the widest possible representation of single women and men including Indian Women, Indian Men, Hispanic Women, Hispanic Men, Japanese Women, Japanese Men, Chinese Women, Chinese Men, Italian Women, Italian Men, French Women, French Men, Polish Women, Polish Men, Ukrainian Women, Ukrainian Men, Russian Women, Russian Men, and so forth.

Quest members also represent all sexual orientations including straight single women, straight single men, couples, swingers, single lesbians, lesbian couples, bisexual women, bisexual couples, bi-curious women, bisexual men, bi-curious men, gay men, gay couples, married couples, swingers, and so forth.

Quest chat line has tens of thousands of both single adult women and men ranging from various ages, interests, lifestyles, backgrounds, and personalities. There are 18+ teen female singles and male singles, middle aged professionals, executives, seniors, couples, and of course, thousands of young adults.

So there you have it!

PS. Here are some more new Quest Chat lines in the USA:

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