Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chat Line Mobile Dating

Chat Line Mobile Dating - But I Forgot the *#$@*!^ Number!

If you want to call your local Quest chat line number and don't have the digits handy, or are not by your PC, you're in still in luck. All you need is your smart phone/PDA like a Razr, Blackberry, iPhone, or regular Web enabled cell phone. And nowadays, who doesn't have a cell?

First, you can search from your cell, search for www.questchat.com following by a forward slash then your city name, e.g. /toronto, /atlanta, /newyorkcity, etc. So the URL will look like

and you'll instantly access the local chat line number in your city, town, and neighborhood. Best of all, you should be able to highlight the local chat line number displayed on your PDA browser and click it - It will automatically dial the local chat line telephone number.

Similarly, if you Google "chat line" or your city with, e.g. "chat line vancouver", "chat line san diego", "chat line detroit", "chat line raleigh", etc., from your iPhone or Blackberry, or cell, chances are you will see the Quest home page Web site on the first page of search results or near the top of search results on your cell phone.

Finally, you can also call the chat line system locator number free at 1.888.257.5757 and the local chat line number from your calling area will be given to you. Quest chat line is available in over 250 cities across the United States and Canada, so you should be able to find your local chat line number. If there isn't a local number from your area you can call 1.900.484.2525 from any city in the USA, or 1.900.548.4444 from any city in Canada.

The chat line Web site displayed on your mobile phone is automatically truncated by the browser software compared to the version displayed on the web site from your desktop/laptop. It works well enough, but Quest will be launching a specially designed micro chat line site / mobile chat line site just for the busting mobile market.

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Chat line and Online Dating Criteria

Ethnicity and Dating

As much as people, and many dating sites and social networking companies, like to think that collectively, we are mature, hip, sophisticated adults living in a post-modern society where race, ethnicity, religion, and skin color are really not THAT important when it comes to meeting new people, making friends, dating, romance, sex, marriage, and socializing in general. Yet, when it comes to dating over the phone or a Web site there are so many criteria when we create our personal profiles or to funnel our searches and personal choices for meeting that special someone.

Especially when relationship types lead to dating, sex, personal relationships, and/or marriage, the choices appear to be framed upon, for lack of a better term, "if then" rules. For example, some Caucasians might have a rule "If I'm white guy, then I want to hookup with a white girl", or "If I'm an Indian girl, then I want to meet an Indian guy".

If religion is an determining factor in dating, sex, romance and/or marriage then it might look be "If I'm a Muslim, then I should marry a Muslim" or "If I'm a Jew, then I should marry a Jew". Ethnicity and nationality are very common criteria too, e.g. "If I'm Russian, then I want to date other Russians", "If I'm Italian, then I was to date/have sex/marry an Italian", and so forth. Sometimes these rules may exist on a non-physical level.

For example, some people might think, believe, and/or feel that a stronger comparability and personality match is better based on everything from profession/training, e.g. "If I'm an engineer then I want to date another engineer", "If I'm a musician then I want to marry another musician", to star signs, "If I'm a Leo, then I want to marry a Leo", and so forth. We certainly have these rules with age range and sexuality, but the number of "if then" rules seem limitless, so keep counting!

But whether these silly "if then" rules hold water or not, it is difficult to deny they exist and the power they exert over choices when it comes to meeting new people for romance, dating, sex, and marriage. They appear to be part, small or large, of our identity. Are these "if then" rules explicitly or implicitly learned from our environment, schooling, from our parents, culture, and traditions? Who is to say, but what many chat lines and web online dating firms do is recognize the importance of choice when it comes to finding and meeting new people for dating, romance, sex, relationships, and/or marriage.

Quest is no different. When you call Quest chat line you can choose the minimum age and maximum age of female profiles, male profiles, and couple profiles in your local area that may interest you. For example, you can listen to females interested in dating in Toronto who are of 19 - 24 years old, female profiles in interested in love and relationships in New York City who are 22 - 29 years old, males in interested in intimate encounters in Los Angeles who are 24 - 32 years old, married females interested in discrete encounters in Houston who are 23 - 42 years old, males interested in love and relationships in Miami who are 33 - 44 years old, single women interested in fantasies and fetishes in Vancouver who are 35 - 45 years old, males in a relationship interested in discrete erotic encounters in Detroit who are 29 - 39 years old, swingers interested in fantasies in Manhattan who are 34 - 44 years old, and so on.

If you're a Latina Women, Latino Men you might check out Axxess Latino for Spanish/Hispanic women and men. If you African-American, you might slide into MetroVibe Chat line for Black Women, Black Men. If you're a gay man or bisexual/bicurious you might check out Hardline Chat. So whether your criteria is based on ethnicity, sexuality, age, and of course geography, you can find on these sites the widest possible representation of single women and men including Indian Women, Indian Men, Hispanic Women, Hispanic Men, Japanese Women, Japanese Men, Chinese Women, Chinese Men, Italian Women, Italian Men, French Women, French Men, Polish Women, Polish Men, Ukrainian Women, Ukrainian Men, Russian Women, Russian Men, and so forth.

Quest members also represent all sexual orientations including straight single women, straight single men, couples, swingers, single lesbians, lesbian couples, bisexual women, bisexual couples, bi-curious women, bisexual men, bi-curious men, gay men, gay couples, married couples, swingers, and so forth.

Quest chat line has tens of thousands of both single adult women and men ranging from various ages, interests, lifestyles, backgrounds, and personalities. There are 18+ teen female singles and male singles, middle aged professionals, executives, seniors, couples, and of course, thousands of young adults.

So there you have it!

PS. Here are some more new Quest Chat lines in the USA:

Athens Chat, Georgia (706) 433-0808
Augsusta Chat, Georgia (706) 434-1166
Albany Chat, Georgia (229) 317-1999
Boca Raton Chat, Florida (561) 314-1313
Port St. Lucie Chat, Florida (772) 408-1177
Durham Chat, North Carolina (919) 246-0808
Rocky Mount, North Carolina (252) 428-0101

New Chat Line Cities

Springdale Chat, Arkansas (479) 460-0055
Hattiesburg, Mississippi (601) 705-1177
Dothan Chat, Alabama (334) 836-2020
Daytona Beach Chat, Florida (386) 236-0506
Melbourne Chat, Florida (321) 205-2000
Fort Myers Chat, Florida (239) 935-0033
Torrance Chat, California (424) 757-1900

Friday, June 13, 2008

Chat Lines for Sexual Encounters

Quest Nation: Chat Lines for Sexual Encounters

13 June 2008

In addition to the groups Love and Steady Relationships, and Casual Dating and Get togethers, Quest Chat has three chat communities that are possibly the most fun, exciting, and wild for members. These groups are Intimate Encounters, Fantasies and Fetishes, and Couples and Swingers.

Intimate Encounters: Intimate encounters is subdivided into two chat groups: (a) Singles Seeking Intimate Encounters, and (b) Attached Seeking Discrete Encounters. The first group is perhaps the most popular for single women and single men looking for sexual partners and erotic play. Here, members describe what type of sexual relationship they are looking for. Usually it is casual and friendly with no-strings attached, e.g. a "sex-buddy".

Sometimes members are looking for one-night stands or a sex partner for the long-weekend. Sometimes, people are looking for a longer-term sexual partner. Sometimes, people are looking for a "quickie" or "afternoon delight" sex break when things are slow on a Wednesday afternoon in the office. When you call and listen to ads in the Quest system, there are wide variety of relationships you pick from. The second chat group "Attached Seeking Discrete Encounters" is just like the previous group with the exception that members are already in a relationship or are married, but still seeking an extra sexual tryst on the side. This chat group is #3 on the phone menu.

Fantasies and Fetishes: Fantasies and Fetishes is sub-divided into two categories: (a) Erotic Conversations, and (b) Domination and Submission.

The first group, Erotic Conversations is for both women and men who enjoy erotic conversations and sharing sexual fantasies over the phone with real people just like themselves. Arguably this chat group is the best for those looking for a convenient and quick sexual release without much time to spare. The group is also perfect for those who enjoy having secret erotic fantasies about their neighbor's wife, friend's 18+ teenage daughter, wife's sister, officer co-worker or secretary, Hollywood actress like Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, or Jessica Alba, female singer like Beyonce, fashion super model like Heidi Klum, or Daria Werbowy, celebrity stars like Paris Hilton or Lindsy Lohan, or Adult Film Stars like Jenna Jameson, Sunrise Adams, and Devon. Maybe you have an eye for a female politician, senator, congresswoman, politicians wife, or girlfriend.

Now, if you consider all of the exposure of high-profile sex scandals covered in today's media including Julie Couillard and former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier, FIA President Max Mosley who was videotaped in a London UK sex dungeon, or former US President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, it is fairly easy to understand how public events, ideas, and sex scandals can sometimes seed ideas into the sexual imaginations of both women and men who want to sexualize and role-play a fantasy scenarios over the telephone in safe, private, and discrete environment.

The second sub-group, Domination and Submission, is for people interested in BSDM, domination and submission, bondage and discipline, sadomasochism, verbal humiliation, erotic spanking, tickling, love bites, rough sex, waxing, foot fetishes, leather fetishes, dirty talk, phone sex, cyber-sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, cuckoldry, and other intimate sexual tastes with like-minded consenting adult women and men in their local area. Here, members post a profile to the group and connect with other single women, men, and couples. This chat group is #4 on the Quest chat line phone menu.

Couples and Swingers: Couples and Swingers is, as you guessed, for couples and swingers interested in hooking up with other couples and swingers. If you and your wife or husband, female or male partner, or girlfriend and boyfriend like to watch, enjoy having sex with other couples and swingers, or are interested in exhibitionism, voyeurism, soft swinging or soft swap, full swap, group sex, and cuckolding call Quest Chat today and submit a free profile to the couples and swingers group. This chat group is #5 on the phone menu.

Next posting soon! In the meantime, here are a few free online dating sites and chat lines to check out:

Free Black Chat Line: www.themetrovibe.com
Free African-American Online Dating: www.metrovibepersonals.com
Free Hispanic Chat line: ww.axxesschatline.com
Free Online Dating: www.datopia.com

Quest Chat Line
Amarillo Chat, Texas (806) 223-0707
Beaumont Chat, Texas (409) 812-0404
Brownsville Chat, Texas (956) 545-0606
Galveston Chat, Texas (409) 354-0808
Midland Chat, Texas (432) 262-1313
Odessa Chat, Texas (432) 272-7000
Richmond Chat, Texas (832) 451-1000
Boca Raton Chat, Florida (561) 314-1313

MetroVibe Black Chat Line
Atlanta Black Chat Line (678) 262-0000
Houston Black Chat Line (713) 590-2828
Toronto Black Chat Line (416) 724-3700
Miami Black Chat Line (954) 334-2020
Richmond Black Chat Line (804) 200-0101
Little Rock Black Chat Line (501) 801-7777
Charlotte Black Chat Line (704) 714-3535

Nightline Chat Line
Las Vegas Chat Line, NV (702) 650-0000
Indianapolis Chat Line, IN (317) 791-5700
Victoria Chat Line, BC (250) 414-4422
El Paso Chat Line, TX (915) 217-1900
Calgary Chat Line, AB (403) 313-3311
Halifax Chat Line, NS (902) 444-5533
Albany Chat Line, NY (518) 915-7171
Toronto Chat Line, ON (416) 324-1400

Hardline Gay Chat Line
Houston Gay Chat Line, TX (713) 590-9090
Dallas Gay Chat Line, TX (214) 270-1300
Fort Worth Gay Chat Line, TX (817) 204-0432
El Paso Gay Chat Line, TX (915) 298-5111
Abilene Gay Chat Line, TX (325) 260-0505
Waco Gay Chat Line, TX (254) 224-8200
Mesa Gay Chat Line/Scottsdale, AZ (480) 240-5390
Phoenix Gay Chat Line, AZ (602) 997-3599

Monday, June 9, 2008

Creating Your Virtual Blackbook

Quest Nation: Creating Your Virtual Blackbook

9 June 2008

Everyone needs a simple, yet functional, way to contact their friends n’ family. In your everyday life that could mean an email contact list or even a physical address book. Well, good news, some chat phone line services offer their very own customized address book.

After you’ve set-up your mail box, recorded your voice greeting and begun exploring the various membership areas, you’ll probably want to personalize your space. At Quest Chat , your Black Book helps you do all of these things and more. Think of it as your one-stop matchmaking tool! It helps you keep track of any member(s) that catches your fancy.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the features of the Quest Chat Black Book

  • Custom Category : Imagine you’re totally into the Casual Dates & Get Togethers group. Without a Black Book, every time you call into the chat phone line, you have to select this group and the preferred age range for daters within it. But when you select this group as a custom category , you can skip several steps, jumping right into your favourite ads. Best of all, every time you go into your Black Book, you’ll get the scoop on any new ads that have been recorded since you last dialed in.
  • Winks : Think you can’t flirt on the phone? Think again! Your Black Book gives you the option of sending winks …delectable flirty phrases to other members. It’s one of the best (and easiest) ways to express interest and break the ice. Find out if anyone has winked at you by selecting #2 in your Black Book. Heard a wink that caught your attention? Simply press #2 to respond. Heck, you can even learn more about your particular admirer when you select the #5. Or get the ball rolling, by selecting the #6, and send your own wink.
  • Friend’s List : You have the option of creating a friend’s list in your Black Book. These are the folks you’re most interested in getting to know. After you’ve heard a recording you’re interested in, follow the prompts to include that person in your Black Book. The next time you get into the chat phone lines , go into your Black Book, and select #3. Instantly, you’ll discover which of your friends are currently on the system.
  • Private Notes : Chances are you’ll probably want to take a note or two on a potential date. With your Black Book, it’s as easy as selecting the #7 after you’ve heard a specific member’s ad. Remember, these private notes are for your ears only. They will not be shared with other members.
Want to make sure you’re always in the dating loop? Next-up: how text alerts keep you in the game…on or off the phone.

Free African-American Chat Line: www.themetrovibe.com
Free African-American Online Dating: www.metrovibepersonals.com
Free Hispanic Chat line: ww.axxesschatline.com
Free Online Dating: www.datopia.com
Free Gay Chat Line: www.hardlinechat.com

Boston Chat Line, MA (617) 395-9000
Boston Chat Line, MA (781) 426-9000
Springfield Chat Line, MA (413)439-2000
Worcester Chat Line, MA (508) 635-9595
Milwaukee Chat Line, WI (414) 431-2929
Providence Chat Line, RI (401) 223-7070
Hartford Chat Line, CT (860) 380-4444
New Haven Chat Line, CT (203) 907-4545

Atlantic City Chat Line, NJ (609) 840-8888
Camden Chat Line, NJ (856) 412-8888
Elizabeth Chat Line, NJ (908) 737-2020
Newark Chat Line, NJ (973) 954-5757
Passaic / Paterson Chat Line, NJ (973) 883-5252
Baltimore Chat Line, MD (410) 372-1400
Silver Springs Chat Line, MD (240) 744-9595
Washington DC (301) 652-5555

Chicago Chat Line, IL (312) 264-2222
Chicago Chat Line, IL (630) 592-2222
Chicago Chat Line, IL (708) 329-3333
Chicago Chat Line, IL (773) 527-2222
Chicago Chat Line, IL (815) 986-3330
Chicago Chat Line, IL (847) 654-3333
Rockford Chat Line, IL (815) 986-3330

Minneapolis Chat Line, MN (612) 605-9898
Detroit Chat Line, MI (313) 586-1111
Ann Arbor Chat Line, MI (734) 786-3333
Flint Chat Line, MI (810) 496-2222
Grand Rapids Chat Line, MI (616) 777-1000
Pontiac Chat Line, MI (248) 232-3333
Warren Chat Line, MI (586) 693-1111
Dayton Chat Line, OH (937) 913-1111
Columbus Chat Line, OH
(614) 930-1111

Cleveland Chat Line, OH (216) 626-7777
Cleveland Chat Line, OH (440) 325-7777
Cincinnati Chat Line, OH (513) 766-1111
Indianapolis Chat Line, IN (317) 612-4444
Milwaukee Chat Line, WI (414) 431-2929
Philadelphia Chat Line, PA (215) 671-4444
Pittsburgh Chat Line, PA (412) 697-7400
Pittsburgh Chat Line, PA (724) 889-0222

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Play Matchmaker with Your Membership Group

Quest Nation: Play Matchmaker with Your Membership Group

5 June 2008

You’re feeling comfortable with chat phone lines and are ready to make the next move into dating. Now, it’s time to think about who and what you want in a date.

Are you seeking a long-term, lasting relationship? Maybe you’re fresh to the dating scene, after a hiatus, and want something more casual and fun. Perhaps you’re feeling a little more sexually adventurous, like our fave Sex in the City femme fatale Samantha, and want to indulge a particular itch.

Whatever you’re after, prepare to be spoiled for choice at Quest Chat. Once you figure out who you want, browse through one or more of the following categories: Love & Steady Relationships; Casual Dates & Get Togethers; Intimate Encounters; The Wild Side and/or Couples & Swingers.

Just select the group you prefer and then follow the simple phone prompts. The easy-to-use chat phone line helps you narrow down whether you want local dates; choose a specific area or gives you the chance to cast your net more widely to include all calling areas offered by the service.

Next, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Choose the age range for your potential date…or not. You can skip this step and instead take the spontaneous route exploring all ads in your chosen membership group. Spice is definitely the variety of life. Remember, you can join one or all of the different groups.

Ready to check out some ads? It’s so simple! Just select the ad you want to listen to, and if a particular recording catches your fancy on Quest Chat, enjoy every last word of it by selecting the #1 to rewind the ad by 10 seconds. Get even more deets about a specific ad by selecting the #5 after you’ve listed to it. You’ll hear what city your potential date lives in; when they were last on the system and the age group they fall into.

Want to express your interest in a particular ad? Let the flirting begin! Select #6 to send a wink (more on this later…). And of course, if you’re really feeling the connection, select #2 to send your potential match a message. Next up: You’ll make many friends on the chat phone line which is precisely why you need your very own virtual Black Book.

Free Black Chat Line: www.themetrovibe.com
Free Latino Chat line: ww.axxesschatline.com
Free Online Dating: www.datopia.com

Toronto, ON (416) 724-4444
Mississauga, ON (416) 724-4444
Hamilton, ON (905) 667-5555
Ottawa, ON (613) 232-4444
Calgary. AB (403) 770-0900
Edmonton. AB (780) 669-2323
Vancouver, BC (604) 629-9100
Winnipeg, MB (204) 480-1818

Regina, SK (306) 569-8822
Saskatoon, SK (306) 343-8899
London, ON (519) 439-4444
Kitchener, ON (519) 651-2929
St. Catharines, ON (905) 228-5000
Sudbury, ON (705) 671-6000
Waterloo, ON (519) 651-2929
Windsor, ON (519) 561-1000

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taking the Plunge into Phone Chat

Taking the Plunge into Phone Chat

Now that you know chat phone lines are right for you, what next? First things first, you’ll need to set-up your voice mail box. It’s as simple as getting a mail box number and password. Oh, and forget waiting, it’s instant. You’ll have both within seconds of picking up the phone.

Next, you’ll want to record your voice greeting. Before you get a bad case of stage fright, take a deep breath. You’ll have as many “takes” as you like to get it right. Plus, everything is totally anonymous and private. Does the mere thought of recording a voice greeting send shivers up your spine? Relax, make it easy on yourself: create a short script.

On Quest Chat, you can actually select an option that gives you 30 seconds to write out your script or greeting. Need more time? Just select the option again. Now, onto the greeting…

Believe it or not, smiling while you talk can make all the difference. Who knew? Speaking loudly and clearly is oh so important too. And consider standing up when you record the greeting. People who choose to stand, when recording a greeting, convey a more confident tone to their listener.

Yes, word to the mumblers and low-talkers in the audience, both can be a big phone chat turn-off. Likewise, background noise is also a big no-no. Now that you’re getting into the swing of things, share a couple of details about yourself. But nothing too personal. Simple facts like the colour of your hair, your height and a couple of infinitely charming details about your personality should do.

Most important? Relax, breathe and be yourself. Then listen to your ad. Once you’ve got a final cut, you’re ready for the next step…choosing the right phone chat group for you.

Free Chat Line: www.questchat.com
Free Online Dating: www.datopia.com

Los Angeles, CA (323) 523-1010
Mountain View, CA (650) 963-5400
Oakland, CA (510) 343-1111
Sacramento, CA (916) 365-1111
San Diego, CA (858) 357-8000
San Francisco, CA (415) 829-1111
San Jose, CA (408) 612-1111
Sunnyvale, CA (650) 963-5400

New York City, NY (212) 812-1212
Manhattan, NY (646) 825-4444
Long Island, NY (516) 620-4000
Bronx / Queens, NY (718) 928-4444
Albany, NY (518) 915-8888
Buffalo, NY (716) 587-8888
Rochester, NY (585) 333-1111
Syracuse, NY (315) 551-4444

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Best Way to Find Your Next Date

Quest Nation: The Best Way to Find Your Next Date

2 June 2008

These days with so many different ways to meet your next date—from online dating to chat phone lines and even social networking—it can be tough to choose the medium that best suits you. Really, it’s a totally personal call. But there are some distinct advantages to meeting your next date by phone.

If you’re shy, or maybe just incredibly busy, or heck, even on a budget, hanging out in a bar may not be your best bet to find your next date. Let’s face it, it’s much easier after a tough day at work, to come home and hook-up with someone new from the comfort of your own place.

Still, that doesn’t rule out online dating. Again, it’s a totally viable option. Lots of people have successfully met their match online. But it may be hard to motivate yourself to get back into computer-mode from home especially if you just did the happy dance shutting down your computer at work.

Then again, maybe you’re just after an immediate connection that somehow feels more personal and authentic. There’s nothing quite like listening to the sound of someone else’s voice. You can learn a lot from their tone, the words they use, and even discover hints about their general attitude. All things that make it that much easier to choose your next date.

Without a doubt, that one-on-one voice connection is probably the biggest advantage to chat phone lines over online dating and social networks. That, plus the fact it’s entirely private allowing you to meet as many people as you like without revealing your identity. When you sign-up for a service like Quest Chat, you can easily and conveniently meet people in your own area. And it’s free to set-up your own profile, hang-out in audio chat rooms and listen to other people’s voice recordings and their personal profiles.

Not to mention, it’s almost like having a matchmaker; chat phone lines automatically filter daters you might be interested into groups like Love & Steady Relationships, Casual Dates & Get Togethers, Intimate Encounters, and other groups. It’s totally convenient and completely tailored to you.

Next up: taking the plunge…

Free Chat Line: www.questchat.com
Free Online Dating: www.datopia.com